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Freight forwarding is a serious work based on reliability, which, after mutual satisfaction, can be a profitable long-term cooperation between the principal and the forwarder. Only in light of this can we do our work as we know only a satisfied client is a good client.

Our services include palletized road transport, freight taxi service and the delivery of special goods. Our drivers have been doing their job for many years of routine they gained in international shipping and removals as van drivers. Our cargo hold is always covered with high amount cargo insurance. Our cars are state of the art, 8 and 10 EUR pallet, (20-22m3) tarpaulin vans of 3.5t total weight. Of course, the position of the cargo can be continuously tracked by satellite tracking system.

Our minimal target is the maximum, for you and for a long-term relationship.
Our prices are unique in each case and down payment is never requested!

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András Gulácsy
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